Holy Shit Face Cleanser

So I bought a little tube of the First Air Beauty Facial Cleanser to test it out because it looked decent, and I have pretty touchy skin sometimes.

I put this in the shower since I ran out of my Purity cleanser.

I didn’t expect it to work that great, so I wet my face by accident and slapped some of this FAB cleanser on. Rub rub rub…

And holy shit.

Normally in the shower I have to sort of rub my eyelashes with my fingers to get my mascara off. NOPE. Not this time.
I did it and nothing came off.

What? Did it not work at all?!

I looked in the shower head to see what was going on (without my classes mind you, so I was like 2 inches from the silver trying to see my makeup’d face).

And my skin was bare. No makeup, just my dark circles staring back at me.

Did that actually just happen?

My next shower rolls around and I do the same thing. And the exact same thing happens. It takes off my makeup and mascara without a trace, first try.

But it’s weird and shiny, it can’t possibly work? OH IT DOES.

It did leave my skin a little tight, and slightly dry. Like I was excited to put my moisturizer on to relive that feeling. But the removing ability of this thing was incredible.

You need this.

Skincare I like to put on my face.

Ok so maybe I have multiple skincare routines that I’m currently going through. I can never stick to the same product everyday, because lets face it, my skin is never the same from day to day.

The only serum I’m using is the Peter Thomas Roth Viz-1000 hydrating serum. I love this little guy. When I first got it (in the dead of winter) it reduced my redness, got rid of flaky patches, and just made my skin happy when used regularly. Not that I only use it now and then the results are less than fab. So that just shows me that it’s something I need to stick with.

I have so many moisturizers right now.

Ole Henriksen Nuture Me is my go-to (and it fucking smells like candy). But if I’m spending days out of my own house, or if my skin is looking flaky under my makeup I’ll throw on my Kiehl’s Creme de Corps. I know I know, “body cream” but it works amazing as a face cream. Bonus, you can use it everywhere.

Those two are my main ones that I’m totally in love with right now. I’ve been using the Origins Night-a-mins (only at night) which I love and makes my skin look sooo gooood.

I love Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I have the oil bottle and the eye cream and they are seriously god-sent. Regardless of what my skin is doing, the midnight recovery concentrate speeds up recovery and healing time while getting rid of dry patches. And the eye cream is the only cream that will get rid of my eyelid-allergy scales that I get in the fall, and the eczema in the same place in the winter. No joke.

And they last For-Ever!

Sometimes I’ll throw in a random one, like the Origins Ginzing moisturizer (usually not enough for my skin, think gel texture, good for oily skin).

Lush’s “gorgeous” which my sister recently gave me because it broke her out is also one I’m using right now. My skin loves it, and it smells nice too, so I use that pretty frequently.

And right before my makeup I’ve been applying my Tarteguarde 30 sunscreen. It’s the only face sunscreen I’ve been reaching for, and I’m so glad I bought it because it makes me feel good about protecting my skin on the regular.

Sometimes I’ll throw in an acne fighting product (Salicylic acid anything, and Benzagel 5), a Scrub (Lush’s Angels on bare skin, or Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion scrub), or an ultra healing product (Avene Cicalfate, La Roche-Posay Cicaplast, Blistex, or my Newfoundland Seaberrry soothe by Beautiful Rock)

I don’t use “lightening” products, or dark spot correctors, or Vit C, because I like my freckles and would love to keep them around. (Sure sure, sun damage etc)
I also don’t need anything mattifying or like.. oil controlling. I do have to worry about chemical burns (too high salicylic acid isn’t nice to my skin) and stress pimples. (Dry skin with pimples?! So confusing.)

I also have a Lancome moisturizer that I use (Absolue Premium bx) but it’s crazy expensive. I got it at shoppers (on a points event) after going through an ounce sample I was given and ADORED IT, I use it when my skin is really misbehaving and it fixes it overnight. (Warning, it might not work for you, my skin loves it, yours might not. And no ones wallet likes it, seriously.)

Since my products are literally all over the place and not really able to round them up, this will be a tragic, and picture-less post. Be skin smart!

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