Chop Chop

I didn’t write about this back in November when I did it, but I think I’m ready now.

I fucking cut my hair.

I’ve always been known as the girl with long, straight hair. Like, it’s my persona. My identifier.

Now I have roughly shoulder length hair. Think collar bone length.

Do I love it? God no, I still hate it. But I’ve accepted that it’s what my hair looks like now as I wait patiently for it to grow back to its former glory.

I had a lot of split ends, like a ridiculous amount, because I had an ombre before and had it dyed blonde. Fried hair alert.

Now it’s healthy and strong and split-end free! But short and it feels strange. Like I lost a piece of my personality.



So here’s my face with my old, beautiful long hair.
And here’s the New Doo.



Not a great picture, but you get the point….

I apparently don’t have many pictures of me with my new hair. Haha  Since I don’t love it. I also feel like my face looks weird now. Like I’m not pretty anymore! Haha I hit my peak at 26 and now it’s downhill at 28. LOL 😂

Dear Lululemon

I used to love Lululemon. Like didn’t everyone? Amazing leggings, like first on the market that was like they are, the dominated!

But this was like.. 6-8 years ago, right?

Well… Now they kiiiiind of suck. But it’s not just a general hate, I kind of still love all my Lululemon clothes! Especially my scuba hoodie. Oh my god it’s my favourite. The sleeves are long enough for my crazy lanky limbs, and generally the bodies fit me with my long arms in proportion. (Except the scuba hoodie, I have the get the size up in order to fit my arms, whatever)

But their leggings… My old, and original LOVE for this brand.. Has just..  WTF?!

Why can I see my ass when I bend over now? I can clearly see the tag through the fabric, and my underwear (and my wonderful full moon lol) whereas my first couple pairs of their leggings (Wunder under to be specific, some of my lounge pants are still VERY opaque thankfully. But they’re old so thats the difference.)

And these are new. Like I just bought them and got them for christmas new.

What happened to your quality of totally opaque leggings? And you can’t use that excuse that my ass is too big or that girls my size shouldn’t be wearing them. I take a size 6 in your pants. Thats right. The girls working there told me that the 8’s I tried on were too big because they were a bit wrinkly and honestly if I jumped the waistband would probably shift down a bit. ALSO.. I have shorts in a size 6 that are perfect and opaque and lovely, AND crops that are the same way. No full moon showing through to onlookers.

So now.. I have a pair of over-priced leggings (that I really want to love, and I’ll still probably wear them out, but… be super self conscious of my exposed bottom) that are a bit see through. How am I expected to do squats or downward dog in these Yoga pants without people seeing my skin through them?

I think I’m officially converted to Victoria’s Secret for their workout clothes. It’s way cheaper, (My boobs don’t jiggly when I jump, holla!) aaaaaand their leggings are totally opaque. Like bend over in florescent lighting and still not see your bright pink cheeky panties through them. YEAH.

Plus, you know, their waistband comes up to my belly button and help keeps everything smooth. (not that I REALLY need it, but it’s nice to have IMO.)

So maybe I’ll buy another lulu hoodie, or yoga mat (cuz they’re supposed to be the stickiest!) but maybe I’ll save the extra 30$ and get my leggings elsewhere.

I hope they keep me warm while I’m skiing!


An old fan that’s mad that you changed your fabric but kept the price ridiculously high.

Forgotten Favourite

I probably should have mentioned when I did my fav list… Something I use almost every single day.

My Victoria’s Secret leggings.

Well, technically they’re “Knockout Tights”, but DAMN they are the best leggings I’ve ever worn.

And that’s a big statement. I wear them way too often.

Yes. Better than Lululemon. Cheaper than Lululemon.
(Cough cough* Not see-through like lululemon *Cough cough)

The comfortably com up to my belly button without giving me any kind of muffing top. It actually smoothes out all my wrinkly bits.
(Yes, for those of you that know me, I’m a tall and skinny human, but I still get wrinkly bits you know!! Particularly my lower back. I have very high hip bones!)

So those are come pretty big statements. And I love these. I’m actually wearing them right now.

So if you live near a Victoria’s Secret and you want a new pair of leggings… Go get some knockout tights.

And if you’re tall and you’re like “OH they won’t fit me, I’m too tall”, that won’t work here sweetie. I’m 5’10 and I’m mostly leg. My inseam is a 35 I think? Yes, I’m a freak.

If models can wear them then so can you. Unless you’re the size of a 12 year old.. Cuz they don’t go that small.

Holy Shit Face Cleanser

So I bought a little tube of the First Air Beauty Facial Cleanser to test it out because it looked decent, and I have pretty touchy skin sometimes.

I put this in the shower since I ran out of my Purity cleanser.

I didn’t expect it to work that great, so I wet my face by accident and slapped some of this FAB cleanser on. Rub rub rub…

And holy shit.

Normally in the shower I have to sort of rub my eyelashes with my fingers to get my mascara off. NOPE. Not this time.
I did it and nothing came off.

What? Did it not work at all?!

I looked in the shower head to see what was going on (without my classes mind you, so I was like 2 inches from the silver trying to see my makeup’d face).

And my skin was bare. No makeup, just my dark circles staring back at me.

Did that actually just happen?

My next shower rolls around and I do the same thing. And the exact same thing happens. It takes off my makeup and mascara without a trace, first try.

But it’s weird and shiny, it can’t possibly work? OH IT DOES.

It did leave my skin a little tight, and slightly dry. Like I was excited to put my moisturizer on to relive that feeling. But the removing ability of this thing was incredible.

You need this.

Nov Favourites

So the last few months have flown by and I haven’t done anything to improve my blog or up my internet game. I said in October that I was going to be posting more, well.. School is kicking my ass.

Being a teacher is ROUGH. Like.. Grade 7-12. Holy shit balls.

Ok, I digress. I wanted to do a favourites post. Cuz it’s fun, and sort of easy to ease me back into blogging. I mean, I spend so much time on social media, I could at least put like an hour a day of that into my blog, right?!


so without further ado, here’s my favourites from November, and possible the other months because they all just sort of mush together now.

I’ve been obsessed with the Murad Advanced Active Radiance Serum. It’s crazy expensive, and I only had a deluxe sample of it, but that sample lasted me at least a month of everyday use. And I freaking loved it. It made my skin beautiful. But I ran out, and I got the Ole Henriksen Invigorating night treatment as a replacement (like half the price) so we’ll see how that one works out.

Dry bar Pep Rally. Omg this was amazing. Until I cut off my hair. Pep rally got rid of my tangles, made my hair smoother to comb and manage and style. Then I cut my hair to my shoulders and I don’t need it anymore. So there’s that.

Another hair product I’ve been obsessed with is the Caviar Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist. I started using this without changing anything else in my routine and my boyfriend instantly commented on how nice my hair looked. Volumized hair, and my bf likes it? Yes please. It isn’t a miracle workers (honestly) and you have to use it on wet hair or it just gets sticky in dry hair, but I certainly notice a difference in the life of my hair when I don’t use it.

My Starbucks Stainless Steel travel mug is my favourite thing ever right now. I bring it to school with me everyday, and it usually doesn’t leak and it keeps my drink warm. It says it isn’t 100% leakproof, but it does a damn good job! Plus it’s cute.

In terms of makeup, I’ve been loving Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick in Androgyny. It’s a bit dark, but I can still wear it to school! It’s such a nice formula, I can wear it all day, even through lunch, unless I have something super greasy like an oil based salad dressing or… Spaghetti. Haha Otherwise I don’t have to touch it up all day! And it isn’t as drying as most of my other liquid lipsticks.

It’s a constant struggle to find the perfect highlight, but I think Becca Moonstone and Too Faced Candlelight glow (the pink one) are in a tie right now. I use them both everyday interchangably. Sometimes switching it up with the ABH Sun dipped glow-kit.

It’s hard to come up with things that I’ve been super into lately… OH.

I started selling this brand called Stella & Dot and one thing I’ve been wearing like everyday is my engraved neckalce. They have a bunch of different styles, but I just have a plain horizontal bar that’s rounded. It’s so pretty.


Besides those things.. It’s just my usual makeup routine. Nars Creamy Concealer in Vanilla (like everyone right? Secret, I use creme brule under my eyes first to cover up the red, then I go in with vanilla over it, it’s like colour correcting cuz creme brule is a bit yellow on me!). And my eyeshadow is never the same.

Oh! I have been LOVING the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara lately. Holy balls it’s amazing. Like.. Dare I say… Better than Too Faced better than sex mascara?

Oh, and Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel in Brunette. Like everyday religiously.

I think I should stop there.


Hardcore MIA

Sorry that I’ve been away for so long!
A LOT has happened in my life in the last few months.

I got a big girl job! Sort of. For a year. I moved from the city I was living in, to the small town I grew up in, several hours away, to teach. The permanent teacher is on maternity leave, so I’m here for a year! It’s a big opportunity.

I bought my first car!!
Thats right! I had a car before, but it’s 11 year old now, so I figured why not go all out and get my very own car? So I picked one out that I liked. 2 years old, second hand from the dealership. It’s fancy and got some sick details! I have seat warmers now! And an AUX cord! WIN!

I’m slowing starting to get the hang of teaching, since it’s my first year it’s a bit new not being a substitute.


Guess what’s coming!!! Halloween! Thats right!!

I’ve been having ideas for makeup all year, but like I said, I’ve been busy (even in the summer.. I know, I’m horrible) and kind of just procrastinated doing literally everything important.

SO I’m trying to get back to things. I’m probably going to the store tonight to get some things to make my photographs awesome and then I can start posting actual photo’s on the blog and maybe get some readers. Lol

So look forward to some things happening this year, because I’m hopeful, though maybe delusionally, still hopeful.



PS!!: IF you’ve missed me! (Like anyone actually visits lol) I post things to my island girl instagram all the time!