Fitness Favs

My all-time favourite workout and nutrition duo is the Tone It Up girls!
They offer a nutrition plan along with amazing free content, recipes, and workouts on their website. They are really inspirational and their program really works, and is totally sustainable.
They post some lifestyle and beauty things, but is mainly focused on health and fitness. I visit their website every day.



Another fav is The Skinny Confidential!
Lauren is my absolute favourite blogger out there, and she has a nutrition plan and workout guide for people on the go, and who maybe aren’t the best at cooking but still want results.
She also posts super real content on her blog, great tips and products, and she has built an incredible brand over the years, she also has a podcast!



Another brand that I’d like to mention is Bodyrock… I feel somewhat conflicted about mentioning this brand because I USED to LOVE it so much. Like I was a dedicated bodyrocker when Zuzanna was the face (and body) of the brand. Since they split up, she’s recently made her own brand called Zuzka Light.
I sometimes disliked how sexualized the brand was, but looking back I realized that it was just my own poor self-esteem.

Zuzka Light Blog.jpg


Bodyrock has since evolved and gained a new face to the brand. Their new website is hard to navigate, don’t have as many free workouts anymore (check youtube for some though). They’re making more money now, so I doubt they worry about old die-hard fanatics like me disliking their new layout. They do still offer kick-ass workouts, and I usually do them if I’m pressed for time, or feel extra energetic. I also have a strong love for HIIT workouts and it’s a great place to get them!



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