Rock Candy

I got the Kat Von D Rock Candy mini lipstick set!


I was drooling over this for weeks when I heard of it, and so when it was released (early!!) I spent 2 days debating whether or not I should get it, and after a morning of shovelling snow I finally said fuck-it and went for it.

Was it worth it?
I’m still not sure yet.

It’s priced at $61 at Sephora, and it’s supposed to be KVD’s new studded kiss lipstick formula. It’s got the same (similar?) smell as the full sized formula out now, but I did notice that it didn’t dry down as much? Pretty moisturizing on the lips, but not groundbreaking in my opinion.

Note: My colour is quite warm, but I have a fairly neutral skin tone. Nars Vanilla is almost the perfect colour for blemishes in the winter time. Once the sun hits my skin Vanilla gets a bit too “grey” and I like to mix in a touch of their new colour in Creme Brule. I don’t know what colour I am in Mac. (Apart from the mineralize skin finish, which I use the lightest shade. I also have the second lightest shade but it is too dark for me, even in the summer it darkens up my face a bit)

From Left to right, top to bottom: Zero (grey), Ozzy (light purple/lavender/mauve?), Roxy (bright purple), Crush (bright pink), Babe (muted pink but same tone as crush), Ziggy (bright coral pink).


They were mostly full coverage, takes two swipes to get it nice and coated, but that’s pretty normal for a lipstick for me. I originally wanted this mainly for the crazy bright purple (Roxy) and the coral (Ziggy).

Crush is pretty much the exact same colour as Mac’s Candy Yum Yum. Candy yum yum feels a bit more neon, but I didn’t take a comparison swatch like a dummy. Haha. This may have re-sparked my love for candy yum yum!
I do really love Roxy though.

Here’s a “just lips” collage I made, I only zoomed in on the pictures I had taken (because I’m still learning how to do the whole blog pics thing even though I went to art school lol) and up close they just got a bit blurry. So this is what you get.


They ARE minis. So you’re not getting the full product, but really…. I wish all lipsticks were this size AND regular sized! Like… If you wanted a colour but you knew you wouldn’t wear it everyday, you could get the mini!
Too much to ask to get individual minis of everything?

I do really love the packaging though. The colour-coded bullets make it SO much easier to find the colour you want, versus having them all black with a coloured sticker on the bottom.

Taking this many selfies was awkward.


PS: I’m going out of town for Easter Break (10 days) so I’ll likely be MIA until I get back. I’m taking this time to catch up on some work, and spend time with my boyfriend (and my other friends) that I don’t get to see regularly.


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