Over it.

I’m so over liquid lipstick.

I don’t even know if I was really “with” the whole liquid lipstick trend in the first place.

I gave it a GOOD go. I have a lot of liquid lipsticks, and I really only wear a handful. I tend to favour long lasting bullets. They’re easier to apply on the run, and I don’t have to take off my whole mouth for a touchup if it wears off in a spot. You get it, right?

Here’s the thing.. I have wrinkly lips. Not like old lady wrinkly, but like.. Yeah, they’re wrinkly. So dry dry lipstick really doesn’t look good. Especially when I’m at work and I have to re-apply like 3 times throughout the day because I’m eating, and talking (a LOT) and it just doesn’t stay on well, despite the promise of “Long lasting”.

Yeah, they last forever on your skin, but that doesn’t take into account eating, drinking, talking, and super wear. So the lipsticks I purchase in the future, I’m trying to aim towards bullets.


But there’s always exceptions, of course.

I’ve been adding a balm to top off my liquid lipsticks so I can wear them through the day. How bad is that? Even when they’re primed properly.

I have really dry skin, so having drying products on my face really bothers me.

I understand the appeal of liquid lipstick. But lets just make creamy bullets last all day, K?



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