TMI Tuesday: Diva Cup

So I’m the girl that would hoard tampons when she’s on her period.

Like if I went out for a night, I’d have to have like 9 tampons in my purse, JUST in case I needed them.

I’d easily have a small box of tampons in my purse at all times. Like handfuls.

I was always afraid of running out.

And then a friend of mine told me how amazing the Diva Cup was and I had to try it.


If you don’t know what a Diva cup is… It’s a menstrual cup.
Yes,Β it does what it sounds like.

It’s a cup. That goes inside you. And catches the blood.

It’s good for the environment, ish, and it’s SO much more convenient than tampons. Unless you put it in wrong, then it leaks and its just…. Everywhere.

The awesome thing about menstrual cups, is that you don’t have to change them when you go to the bathroom, you can keep it in for 10+ hours (I’ve kept it in for like 15 hours on a light day, and my friend keeps hers in for like 24, so…), and you don’t have to worry about a string showing, or any weird crazy diseases. (Like Toxic Shock Syndrome)

I wear mine to bed, to work, travelling. It’s amazing. And it comes in 2 sizes!


Also, one 40$ cup lasts a long time. I typically keep mine for a year, but my bff says you can keep it longer, as long as you keep it sanitized!

If you get one, learn how to put it in properly, and make sure it seals. Make sure it’s over your cervix too, not to the side or anything, that’s how you get leaks!

This obviously isn’t sponsored, because no one knows who the hell I am. lol This is the only menstrual cup available where I live, and so it’s the one I swear by.
Also, cut off a bit of the tail it has. It’s way too long and I tend to feel it poking out! Yuck.


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