Rainy Day Wants

Lately I’ve had a few snow days at work. Today is more like a freezing rain day, because it’s been pouring freezing rain all afternoon.

I’ve been pining over so many things lately! I just can’t seem to commit to buying anything yet! Maybe once I have my car paid off, but.. Mostly it’s things I feel I don’t REALLY need, but I do still want?

So let’s just jump into my sephora wishlist for the week….

First… The Nest Fragrance in Black Tulip. Oh. My. God. Have you smelled this? It’s delicious.
Now I already have a bunch of fragrances, and since I work in a public area, I can’t wear most of them regularly. But come on! It smells SO GOOD. I just need to try it out and see if it smells good ON me and not just in the bottle. We don’t want any of that sharp bug-spray smell going on.



Next is the Nars Soft Matte Concealer.

I have 4 concealers on the go right now, but a part of me still wants to try this new formula. I’ve heard lots of good reviews about it, and I think I might pick it up once summer arrives and I’ve used up a couple of the open one’s I’ve got going on now… One is actually the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla, which is perfect for me. So I’d probably get Vanilla in this too once that’s used up!


Let’s talk about Holographic highlighters for a second……

Since Anastasia released their Moonchild highlighter palette, I’ve been constantly drooling over coloured highlights. Waiting and waiting to get one. Now there’s a whole slew of selections of holographic highlights!

Cover FX Halo
KVD Alchemist Palette
Becca Amethyst

Which one’s better?! I just can’t decide. I might get the KVD one at some point, since you get more colours for cheaper, BUT… I might also just use eyeshadows… That might work. lol

Last one for today… Since I recently bought the Marc Jacobs Nailpolish, I kiiiiinda wanna get some more.. So the other day (possibly yesterday….) I added “Sally” and “Le Charm” to my favs, just until I’m ready to spend 20 bucks on a nail polish again!


Marc Jacobs Le Charm Swatches.jpgLe Charm

I actually own a ridiculous amount of nailpolish… So these probably won’t [ever] get bought, BUT it’s always fun to have things on my radar!
My favourites on sephora actually changes pretty frequently. I’ll buy a product, and then take things out of my favs as I feel I don’t want or need them anymore.
Some things have been there for years just because they’re staples in my routine and it’s easier to have them all in one place!

That’s just my little rainy day post. I hope everyone out there is enjoying their days as well!
I could totally use a nap now, even though I’ve slept in the last 4 days!





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