Marc Jacobs Petra.

Just browsing Sephora randomly like I usually do, and I don’t even know how I came across this nail colour.

It’s called Petra, and it’s by Mac Jacobs. (I did not take these pictures… Google found them for me lol)


I loved the way it looked in the bottle and so of course I looked up what it looked like on nails and I was blown away. I put it in my favourites for whenever I ordered something else, as like a little extra to myself.

Marc Jacobs Le Charm Gatsby _ Petra Nails

I didn’t realize that Marc Jacobs had SUCH NICE nailpolishes. Like holy crap. Look how beautiful these are?! I might invest in Le Charm as well, but we’ll see how Petra goes once my package arrives first.

It was shipped by ground, I assume so nothing would break. I’m ok with it, it just means a few more days of waiting which really isn’t a big deal to me.

I’ve used MJ’s beauty products before. I’m obsessed with the Velvet Noir Mascara, and I love the formula of the Le Marc Lip Cremes. (I have Slow Burn and Je T’aime, both mini’s.) The highliner gel crayon is also awesome, I have it in Blaquer, as well as the (O)Poutliner Longwear Lip Pencil in Prim(rose). Beautiful products.


So when Too Faced released their new highlighters last week, I totally jumped on the opportunity before they sold out. Plus I got a bunch of sweet samples with the order. (I actually wait for decent rewards and samples to order things, because my store doesn’t give out samples, and they rarely have decent 100pt perks!)

I can’t wait to try out these products. So excited for this nailpolish, and the highlighter even though I have a million of both already. haha I definitely don’t have anything close to Petra so far in my collection!


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