Colourpop lippie stix

I freakin love colourpop. My current favourite eyeshadow is colourpop (tea party!! πŸ™Œ) and I have their brow pencils, a highlighter, and a butt-ton of their liquid lips.

But one of their products that I feel like I never touch is their lippie stix, even though I have a handful!



Cookie, Aquarius, Brink, Bossy, I ❀ This, LBB, Grunge, Bull Chic.


I have yet to wear Bull Chic or Grunge outside of playing around with them in my room.
I wear aquarius regularly, it’s so beautiful!
Bossy never gets touched, it’s so similar toΒ my all-time fav red that I don’t bother.
Brink is almost identical to the Tarte glossy lip in Goals.
LLB is similar to Mac’s Rebel.
I ❀ This is a nice bright pink. Haha

I’m dying to wear bull chic out, but I can’t wear black to where I currently work! Haha

All of these are Matte, except for aquarius (which is a creme) and they last a very long time! I went out for food with a friend and when we were done she told me that my lipstick was still on! (Even after I had blotted, and wiped my mouth with a napkin! This shit stains! lol)

So that’s a bonus!
I’m aiming to wear these more often, as I prefer bullet/poured lipstick over liquid lipstick because I prefer being able to touch things up without taking it all off…
The good thing about liquid lips is how long they last, and that my bf will let me kiss him because he knows he won’t get colour on him! Hahaha

I’d totally buy more of these in the future. Probably dupes for the liquid ones I currently have because I hardly touch some of them!


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