Chop Chop

I didn’t write about this back in November when I did it, but I think I’m ready now.

I fucking cut my hair.

I’ve always been known as the girl with long, straight hair. Like, it’s my persona. My identifier.

Now I have roughly shoulder length hair. Think collar bone length.

Do I love it? God no, I still hate it. But I’ve accepted that it’s what my hair looks like now as I wait patiently for it to grow back to its former glory.

I had a lot of split ends, like a ridiculous amount, because I had an ombre before and had it dyed blonde. Fried hair alert.

Now it’s healthy and strong and split-end free! But short and it feels strange. Like I lost a piece of my personality.



So here’s my face with my old, beautiful long hair.
And here’s the New Doo.



Not a great picture, but you get the point….

I apparently don’t have many pictures of me with my new hair. Haha Β Since I don’t love it. I also feel like my face looks weird now. Like I’m not pretty anymore! Haha I hit my peak at 26 and now it’s downhill at 28. LOL πŸ˜‚


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