So apparently my skin hates primers, who knew?

Every time I try one (with exception to the Smashbox photo finish, thankfully I will forever have deluxe samples of it, thanks to sephora) my concealer goes on patchy or clings to dry spots.

I realized that my skin looks better when I don’t use a primer, funny that right? My products still last a relatively long time too, regardless of no primer.

So the point of this.

I did a review a while back on the Origins GinZing moisturizer. While it is mainly geared towards those with oily skin (in my opinion), its jelly, and almost silicon feel, make it a perfect primer for my makeup!


Primer-moisturizer! I had a full tub, and I was thinking what was I going to do with it, besides give it away, so one day my normal moisturizer wasn’t cutting it, so I slapped some of this puppy on over it before my makeup. Lo and behold I discovered a use for my not-strong-enough-moisturizer.

The good news is, that it’s cheaper than most moisturizers at Sephora. At 34 bucks for 50ml, as compared to the usual 50 bucks a lot of other brands (and their own) charge.

Yes I’m totally willing to spend 50$ on a moisturizer. I have great skin and I intend to keep looking like I’m 22, well into my 30’s!

So I got rid of all my other primers, except for a handful (Smashbox, Mac strobe cream, becca liquid shimmering skin perfector in Moonstone, and Laura Mercier Radiance [for some reason I barely touch it but can’t part with it])

Match this with my Tarte Guard SPF 30 (and my normal moisturizer.. Too many steps?) and I got a makeup base that glows all day!


2 thoughts on “Primers

  1. I agree with you on Smashbox being deadly. I did use up a container of Stila’s one step correct – which was sold to be as a primer but truly its a mild corrector. My makeup went on o.k after it but many other primers have been absolute garbage. Mary Kay included. IMO

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