Hardcore MIA

Sorry that I’ve been away for so long!
A LOT has happened in my life in the last few months.

I got a big girl job! Sort of. For a year. I moved from the city I was living in, to the small town I grew up in, several hours away, to teach. The permanent teacher is on maternity leave, so I’m here for a year! It’s a big opportunity.

I bought my first car!!
Thats right! I had a car before, but it’s 11 year old now, so I figured why not go all out and get my very own car? So I picked one out that I liked. 2 years old, second hand from the dealership. It’s fancy and got some sick details! I have seat warmers now! And an AUX cord! WIN!

I’m slowing starting to get the hang of teaching, since it’s my first year it’s a bit new not being a substitute.


Guess what’s coming!!! Halloween! Thats right!!

I’ve been having ideas for makeup all year, but like I said, I’ve been busy (even in the summer.. I know, I’m horrible) and kind of just procrastinated doing literally everything important.

SO I’m trying to get back to things. I’m probably going to the store tonight to get some things to make my photographs awesome and then I can start posting actual photo’s on the blog and maybe get some readers. Lol

So look forward to some things happening this year, because I’m hopeful, though maybe delusionally, still hopeful.



PS!!: IF you’ve missed me! (Like anyone actually visits lol) I post things to my island girl instagram all the time!


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