Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

Since I wasn’t working today, I decided to take a run to shoppers since they’re the only place that carry almost all the new Urban Decay Vice lipsticks.

I managed to pick out two, that I may or may not have already scouted out online because I have a strange obsession with researching things extensively. (Where was this skill when I was doing Art History in school?!)


First up is Psycho.

Can we just talk about this formula for a minute? Holy shit. Good job on the comfort matte formula Urban Decay. Seriously. The colours are extremely pigmented, smooth to apply, opaque, slightly staining, and for the big seller…. Doesn’t transfer to coffee cups. Thats right. I enjoyed my afternoon coffee without my lipstick coming off, all while staying creamy, and extremely comfortable. I forgot I was wearing lipstick, which doesn’t happen unless it’s comfortable.

Ah, I see what you did the UD. Clever.

In the tube it looks like a cherry/pink/red ish colour. It was freaking gorgeous when I swatched it on my hand so I couldn’t resist picking it up.


I wanted to see if I had any dupes in my current collection, so I swatched the pinks I already own.
From top to bottom: ABH Carina liquid lipstick, Gosh Matte Raspberry Velvet Touch lipstick 006, UD Psycho, Avon Ruby Shock.

The Gosh lipstick and the UD one are almost identical, except the Gosh one pulls pink when it’s on my lips, where the UD one pulls slightly berry/burgundy.

Next is Hex.


Hex is a Mega Matte, which very similar toย the comfort matte in my opinion, but a touch more matte on the lips. (AND can I mention how flipping white my teeth look with the lipstick on?!?!)
I was torn between this one and Disturbed. Swatched they’re almost identical, but this one is sliiiightly lighter, and a Mega Matte, while Disturbed is a Comfort Matte.

Shaded lighting

It matches my shirt so well! Haha

I found it a little difficult to find good swatches of this online, with comparisons. So here’s Hex with the only other dark burgundy colour I own.


Top: Underworld by MAC (discontinued), Bottom: UD Hex

As you can see hex is more on the red/berry side, while Underworld is more brown/brick based.

Underworld is a little patchy and uneven on its application, but hex isn’t at all. Hex goes on smooth and even, even when you mush your lips together.

I can’t talk about wear time with Hex yet, because I haven’t worn it out yet, just around my house. (Unlike psycho, which I put on in the parking lot of shoppers before I did my other errands) But the good news is that I finished my coffee (at home) with Hex on my lips, and it also didn’t transfer to my cup. So I’m happy.


Different lighting here. L-R: Underworld by MAC, UD Hex.

I swatched a bunch of lipsticks there, the girl came up to me surprised like “oh my goodness! Look at your hand!”. Seriously, that’s normal for me.

I really enjoy the formula of most of the lipsticks. The metallic ones look really cool (possible dupe for Kylie’s Reign in there somewhere maybe). I’d personally pass on the sheer ones, they were a bit too glossy for me. I’d rather just wear a tinted gloss than have a glossy lipstick if that makes sense. But even the cream formula was lovely during swatches.

Other colours I noted are… Bad blood (Rich deep red, similar to MAC’s Russian Red, and Too Faced Melted Velvet. I own Russian red so I probably won’t purchase this), Wonderland (another pinky red, very similar to KVD Bullet in Bachelorette, which is probably why I like it so much.), and Tilt (orangey coral, similar to Too faced Melted Melon. But I own melted melon so I probably won’t be purchasing this).

And I’m still waiting to see Unicorn in real life before I decide on that puppy, but online it looks like a good colour.
One last quick note on packaging: MUCH better than their old lipstick packaging. It stands up perfectly upside-down, it feels sturdy, looks a bit like a sweet shotgun shell, and has a very satisfying closing click.


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