The magic of makeup and getting more money serving food.

Instead of coming up with an actual opening sentence, I’m just going to jump right into what I want to say.

When I wear super girly, and “natural” makeup.. I get more tips.

Some of you are probably saying “well duh.” While others are saying.. “what??!”

Here’s what I’ve noticed.

Regardless of the day, the customers, the food, the kitchen… How you look has more of a judgment effect than people want to believe.

Besides makeup….

If you’re a dude, you’ll likely get more tips than any of the girls on staff, in the same section and same shifts.

Same goes if you have big boobs. So for someone like me, who barely has a handful, if I’m paired up with someone who has boobs the size of my face, they’re gonna make more tips than me, from everyone. Men, women, old people, young people. Bigger boobs is bigger dollars.

But my main point to this (besides the fact that if you have tiny boobs I’d suggest always wearing a pushup to serve food) is that even when I wear a lot of makeup, but it looks extra girly, I make more in tips.

A light taupe/smokey eye with a light lip, blush and highlight? Nah.
Eyeliner, and a red lip? Nope.
Baby pink shimmery eyeshadow, and a creamy lipgloss? Bingo.

Without fail I always notice this. If I wear just mascara and lip balm (even if I’m having an amazing day and being super cheerful to every customer), I don’t make as much in tips. If I wear pink eyeliner, a little bit of highlight, and a shimmery coral lipgloss, I’m rakin it in.

Why does big boobs, and lipgloss give you more tips, besides having a penis?

Wet lips don’t make me a better waitress. Pink eyeliner certainly doesn’t make me a better waitress.

Big boobs might. But I wouldn’t know.

Hair colour, still haven’t figured that one out yet.

If you think you’re doing an awesome job at work, but your tips are like 10% (or less?!), next shift why don’t you throw on a pushup and a light pink lipgloss and see how much more you make.

No matter what though.. Don’t be one of those people with hair in your face. No one wants hair in their food.

Go ahead. Call me sexist.


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