Kylie Jenner, more colourpop, and cutting your nails too short.


THATS RIGHT. I only got one. Matte Metalic liquid lipstick in Heir. I had Candy K in my cart, but it sold out while I was browsing. Duh. And there’s no other colours I really want. I have a lot of reds, and I don’t do browny colours like Dolce K. Now Dolce by ABH? Different story. That nude-meets-coral is a dream. But that’s for another day.

I’m not totally torn, mostly because I have the colourpop dupe for Candy K. šŸ˜

In other news…

I know, I know. I’m horrible at sticking to a blogging schedule. I have so many ideas and I never just write, even though I love it! It’s something I need to get my brain into doing. Like instead of wasting time just write a blog post. Easy.

Besides my newest exciting Kylie Jenner purchase, I also got a colourpop order in the mail (and maybe ordered more so that’s in the mail now! LOL) so once that arrives I’ll be doing a little view on their brow products!! (on day 2 of using their pot brow colour, and looooving it BTW!!!)

I’ve been considering rebranding, but I don’t know yet. Who knows what I’ll do. I like Island girl, but it just doesn’t feel quite exactly what I want, you know?

I’m trying to finally get my vision started. Better late than never right?


Does anyone else have the problem of cutting their nails too short? I pretty much do it every time I do my nails, and at least one of my fingers is in pain for several days while the tear heals. You’d think I’d learn, but apparently it’s just one of those things that I will never learn how to do right. I just like my nails too damn short!

But I digress.


A few miniature things I’ve been totally loving: (Micro pleasures? Mini delights? They’ve already been taken so I need to find my own word for all those little things that happen in a day that you can’t help but be like “omg yes, thats so good”)

  • Really really sharp knives, specifically that can cut tomatoes with very-little effort.
  • Putting on new socks for the first time.
  • Making a sandwich and just eating it while standing up at your kitchen counter and just totally tuning out the world.
  • Slowly feeling the pressure of bubble wrap between your fingers, until it finally pops.


So that also happened.


Keep a look out for blog posts coming: Current skincare routine and fav products, liquid lipstick showdown, dealing with the tragic loss of losing a Sugar tinted lip treatment in Petal, My everyday bass makeup (which has honestly gotten pretty complicated now that I’ve started working and need it to last ALL Day), and some other things!




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