Lets talk Origins

I’ve been getting into Origins lately. Sort of.

I bought a bunch of stuff to see what it was like (and also because I had a deluxe sample tube of the night-a-mins and I loved it.) and to see if I could get my skin a little glowier by summer.

The Night-a-Mins is great. It just straight up makes my skin feel nice by morning. Plus it smells awesome, like oranges. And it seems to be keeping black-heads and my mini breakouts under control. (I don’t get pimples often btw, so it’s not a huge concern for me)

Originally (haha, get it?) I bought the 24-hr glow kit from Sephora.


So.. I already own the full-size version of the mask, but I bought it for the night and day cream, plus the mini eye cream. First off, I was disappointed to see that the vita-zing was “tinted”. It’s more like a white cream that turns tan once you rub it in. The tan was a little too dark for me (Just keep rubbing it in, the pigment dissipates quite a lot)  and after using it for two days, I noticed that my skin wasn’t very happy. I was getting tiny little spots pop up on my face throughout the day, and by night time my face just wasn’t hydrated and didn’t look great.
For the record, I have pretty dry skin.

I quite liked the eye cream. It wasn’t a miracle cream or anything but it smelled nice, and it had a bit of shimmer; and since we’re being honest here I only used it once.

I decided to return this kit to my local store (I only used the day and eye creams, never opened the night cream or mask) and I traded it off for a full-sizes version of the Night-a-mins, which is still in my bathroom drawer, unopened in the box while I used up the sample tube I had. (fyi: The sample tube was a 100 point perk)

The second kit I got was the Energizing Essentials.

p405014-av-01-hero I may have stolen this picture from the Sephora website because I don’t actually have the products with me currently, and probably won’t get pictures of them for a few days. But you get the gist.

It’s Origins “Energizing” kit.

With a mini rose mask (perfect for taking to other people’s houses), a original skin serum, Gin-Zing scrub and moisturizer, I was excited to try it out.

The scrub is quite nice. It smells good, it isn’t too abrasive for my sensitive skin, and it leaves my skin very soft and smooth. Follow it with a good moisturizer though.

The serum is nothing to write home about, yet. I’ve used it a handful of times underneath my moisturizer and there was no reaction of “wow! I need to buy this!” but we’ll see what happens when I finish this tube. I’m more of a ‘hydrating serum’ or ‘hyaluronic acid serum’ kinda girl. I don’t need brightening or spot removal, I’d love to keep my freckles thanks.

The moisturizer is nice, but I don’t know if I’d buy it again. This is bigger than the full-sized version, weirdly enough. At 75ml (2.5 oz) in the kit, the regular sized version is only 50ml (1.7 oz) so it’s quite a bit more product.

This definitely is for someone with normal to combination skin, and will probably work great for someone with oily skin. It smells lovely, and feels nice and refreshing when applied, but it leaves my skin slightly tacky, and wanting more moisture. I think this might be good for once the weather finally warms up (in 2 months or so) and it isn’t so dry everywhere. But for now, I’ve had to apply a second moisturizer on before I do my makeup so that there are no dry spots and my skin doesn’t feel tight.
This is a moisturizer I would take on a trip down south with me. It’s a light-gel like formula, and it feels very fresh on the face.


One thought on “Lets talk Origins

  1. I contemplated that mini kit but I’m glad I didn’t get it now because the tinted moisturizer would definitely be too dark for my fair skin!


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