Newest Blush obsession: Stila Convertible colour

Ever since I got my Stila convertible colour lip and cheek duos, I’ve been constantly disappointed by how to apply them, their lasting power, and the fact that I never reach for them.

Until I got a super dense stippling brush, and my life changed. Now they are my favourite blushes to reach for!

I currently have two colours. Lillium and Petunia. I picked up petunia a while ago, and found it a bit too bright when I applied it with my fingers (Heavy handed much?) and then I picked up Lillium because of Rebecca and her blog (one of my favs) From Roses. A blog post of hers from last year sometime boasted that it was a perfect natural flush for super pale girls, so next time I went to shoppers I picked it up.

The stippling brush from Real Techniques is a godsend with these cream products.


Now… To be totally honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of cream or liquid blush or highlighter products. I never really knew how to work them properly, and they just frustrated me. The tugging at my cheeks with my fingers and the product left my cheeks nicely flushed, only to be gone 20 minutes later when my skin went back to it’s previous “non pinched” state. Like, where did the product go? Did I not use enough? Was it just the rubbing that made my cheeks rosy for that 20 minutes until I walked out the door?

Not anymore. Now I have a natural flush that doesn’t make me look dead, or sick. (Side story: I wore a new blush to work one time and people constantly asked me if I was ok because I looked flushed and sick. Well, lets say I was much less heavy handed since that day.) Even though personally I’d rather look dead and pale than sick and over-flushed. It suits me better.
And considering I don’t use “glowy” products very often; shimmery primers that just look like glitter on my skin (not counting highlighter here. I love a good strategically placed highlight) the cream products give my skin a nice natural “glow” that doesn’t include sparkles.

I put this on after I’ve done my concealer (I don’t wear foundation, but the occasional bb cream or tinted moisturizer if my skin is particularly red or troublesome) but before I put on a dusting of setting powder. This technique seriously lasts all the way through 6-8 hours of serving. (If only my lipstick lasted that long)

Using the stippling brush, I just tap the surface of the product once or twice until the tips of the bristles are tinted, and then I buff it into my cheeks, and up towards my temples. And sometimes even around my jawline/neck just to even things out a little. (My neck is slightly lighter than my face. I forget to wear sunscreen a lot. So my face and arms are at least a full shade darker than the rest of my body. LOL I know, it’s a mess. I’m working on it!)

Seriously. Give it a try. If you have Stila’s convertible colour products, but rarely reach for them like I did, try getting a dense stippling brush and go to town.




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