Avéne Cicalfate Repair Cream

This stuff is my godsend, seriously.



I have super dry skin. Like everywhere. So when I first heard of this I was a little skeptical. It’s kind of like a french diaper cream I think?
I tried it out in store one day to see if it was worth spending 20+ bucks on, and since I have eczema on my hands I thought it was a good place to start.

Several hours later, my hands had no sign of the white, rough, flaky dry skin that I’ve become accustomed to. So I bought it.

Since then I’ve used this for everything skin related. I put this on pimples to help them heal faster, dry patches on my face and body, my hands, I even put it on my bikini line after shaving to help prevent any inflammation.

It’s not a cream that you can just lay on and forget about, you have to really rub it in or you’re left with a white cast, but that little bit of work is totally worth it.

La Roche-Posay has a similar product called Cicaplast. It’s an ointment type consistency (which I also have) but I find I don’t use it as much because it’s got that slightly greasy texture. They do have a “balme” as well, but I’ve never tried it. I definitely reach for the Avene cream more, probably because I like the texture more.

Definitely one of my top Winter Skin Savers.


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