Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Review

With my colourpop order, besides getting 4 Supershock eyeshadows, I got 4 of their Ultra Matte Lip, Liquid Lipsticks.


The colours I picked out were (L-R in the picture): Midi, Shimmy, Clueless, and Scrooge.

Midi and Shimmy look very similar, but they are different. I expected them to be more different, but I’m ok with it. I prefer the colour Midi over Shimmy, just because it’s a little warmer with more beige. Shimmy is more pink/lavender and looks a little grey against my skin tone.

The formula with these are interesting. They’re like super pigmented water. Not like a paint, or a gel, or any other type of thing. They’re very runny, but pack some serious colour into a little bit of product.

Midi, Shimmy, and Clueless seem to set incredibly fast. You have to work with them quickly otherwise they will dry down matte and you’ll need to use makeup remover to perfect it.

With these three: I swipe the colour on my inner lower lip and mush my lips together to distribute the colour. I found that if I painted on the colour on my whole lips it looked a little out of place and didn’t mesh with my lip-colour. Since they are so opaque, you can get away with the swipe-and-mush technique instead of fully filling them in. Yes thats how crazy pigmented they are. Sometimes I’ll run my finger around the edge just to soften it a little bit, but usually I’ll just line my lips afterwards with my Urban Decay 24/7 lipliner in Naked. It’s so close to being my actual lip colour that it’s perfect for fixing and blending in any wonky edges that I might have (especially with lighter colours).

These three colours are quite drying. But, it didn’t really bother me if that makes sense? I keep my lips very moisturized; they’re rarely chapped or flakey, and if they are I exfoliate and moisturize immediately.

So the drying factor wasn’t a mood-killer for me. They lasted all day on my lips, even through eating and drinking, and constantly licking my lips. Maybe that’s why I like them so much. I like that they dry down so that I’m not constantly thinking about if my lipstick is smeared. They also don’t have any harsh smell or taste. They just smell very lightly of pigment if you stick your nose right next to the wand. Which I really appreciate. Sometimes lip products smell/taste too sickly for me to use.

It’s one of the first liquid lipsticks that I was actually comfortable wearing long-term. Licking my lips with throughout the day didn’t bother the colour, and it didn’t wear off on the inside and leave me with a ring around the outer edge of my lips.

Scrooge was a little different in formula. I think it may have been a Holiday edition (Scrooge? Come on.), but it’s a beautiful berry stain.
This colour is much less drying than the other three, but it also doesn’t quite dry down all the way. It’s more malleable and definitely gives more time for a perfect application.

With this colour I actually use a lip brush to make sure the edge is perfect. There’s nothing I hate more than a scribbled wavy lipstick line. I’ll apply it, mush my lips together to distribute the colour and then use a lip brush to smooth it out and perfect the edges.

I found that Scrooge wore more like a stain than an liquid lipstick, and didn’t find it drying at all. Since it doesn’t totally dry down to a matte, there were small traces of it on cups (very faint pink lip marks). At the end of the day I could wipe if off with just a tissue (and a little tugging), unlike the other colours which 100% require a strong makeup remover, and some scrubbing.


Top to bottom: Midi, Shimmy, Clueless, Scrooge.

Apparently Clueless is a dupe for Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit by Kylie in Candy K. I’m not 100% sure because it’s nearly impossible to get the Lip Kit’s now, and with Colourpop being about 1/4 of the price of the lip-kits, why not right?

I like clueless, but I think it might a touch too purple/mauve for my skintone. When I first put it on, it looks almost like my lip-colour, but once it dries it’s a touch too mauve for me. It’s still a lovely colour and I will still wear it, but probably only out for nights when I want a “my lips but darker” colour without being too dramatic.

One great thing about this formula, is that you can layer them without flaking (on me anyways). I have noticed that if you layer the same colour over and over, it gets uneven. It will be slightly darker in those overlapping areas.

These don’t give me that buildup of colour on the inside of my lips either that some liquid lipsticks give me. They definitely stay put and I’m not super self-conscious about what I’m doing with my mouth because I know the colour is locked in.

The colours also separated slightly (When left flat for a few days), leaving lines/small pools of pigments on the inside of the bottle. I guess because they’re so pigmented and watery that it happens. I just gave it a quick shake and swirled the wand around the container before applying.


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