Love or Bust: Colourpop Eyeshadown Review

I’m not totally 100% sure on how I feel about these products.

I bought 4 Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks, one Highlight, and 4 eyeshadows.

Lets look at the Super Shock Shadows.

First is Bae. It’s a “rich eggplant purple with an emerald, and turquoise, glittery duo chrome metallic finish”.
In the pot, thats exactly what it is. A metallic green and teal duo-chrome. As a swatch? It’s a beautiful burgundy purple with a couple blue sparkles. I wouldn’t call this metallic as a swatch at all. Even after applying this to a sticky base, and packing it on, my finger that I used to swatch the colour was glittery like the pot, but once you pat or rub that onto your hand or eye, that glittery intensity is quickly lost. I think this is only disappointing to me because the glitter looks so good in swatches online and in the pot but doesn’t transfer as well to the skin. That green and teal glitter with that light eggplant base really gets me.
The colour overall is really nice and makes my green eyes pop like crazy when I wear it, but it does take some work to really get that nice pigmented colour on the lid. Your finger or a flat synthetic brush is best with this, and you’ll need to really pack it on to get that glitter to come out.

Next is I Heart This. Described as a “cool-toned silvery taupe with multi-coloured glitter”.
I wouldn’t necessarily describe this as a taupe, but it’s definitely a cool-toned silvery sand colour. It’s gorgeous. This is what I consider to be metallic. It’s full on shimmery right from the start, and at any angle. A wash, or packed on, it still has that instant shimmery effect I’d expect from a metallic. Using a synthetic brush delivers a bit of glitter fall-out, so if you’re using this as a lid colour I definitely recommend using your finger to pack the colour on.

Mittens is “A deep warm brown with a red violet undertone leaving a matte finish”. This colour is gorgeous. It’s a really unique red-brown colour. One layer gives a really nice super warm dark brown look, with more layers it develops into a warm chocolate colour. I like to use my finger to put this on my lid and then use a fluffy synthetic brush to blend it out. It gives a really soft wash of red-brown that I like to wear if I don’t have much time or just don’t feel like doing a whole eye look. The finish isn’t 100% matte, it has a slight sheen to it like a satin lipstick would.

The last colour I got is Shameless. “Black drizzled with multiple shades of green and subtle hints of blue and gold glitter leaving a metallic finish”.
This has the exact same finish as the colour Bae. States as a metallic, but more of a straight up shimmer in my mind. The black base with green shimmer is the perfect mermaid colour. When I open the pot my first thoughts are of mermaids and dragons. The shimmer comes off a little more in this one than in Bae, in my opinion. Probably because the base colour is so dark that the green glitter really stands out. I’ve been using this as eyeliner a lot this week; As long as you don’t dig the brush into the product, you’re golden. Since this is black, I wouldn’t pack it on the lid unless you’re going for a smokey look, to which you’ll get a nice little green sheen that will definitely bump up the cool-factor of the eye look. The shimmer really adds an extra oomph that you wouldn’t get with a plain matte black.

Avoid using a fluffy brush with these shadows as you won’t get much colour payoff. If you want to blend it out, I suggest using your finger or a flat synthetic brush to pack on the colour, then using a synthetic fluffy brush to blend it out. But that’s just how I’ve gotten to know the products. They’re definitely unique in texture, and I love that they actually last all day on my skin. They definitely seem to set once they’re applied. 

I’d suggest using a base (as with any eyeshadow) just to make sure the colours do stick, though I haven’t had a problem using them on their own as a quick wash of colour for when I’m in a hurry.

The swatch on the left is with a flat synthetic brush (Mac 242) and the swatch on the right is with my finger. Taken in different light sources to see the shimmer/colour payoff. Much better in person than the pictures, I’m not great at the whole swatch photo’s yet. I’m working on it!

From the top down: Shameless, Mittens, I Heart This, Bae



If you really want that extra sheen or glitter to come across, try dampening your brush very slightly. Try spritzing it with a mist/spray then dabbing it off in a tissue first, just so it’s slightly cool-damp. (That sort of packs the glitter on more)




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