Colourpop Magic

I recently purchased a bunch of colourpop items.


Can I just say one thing?

These things are freaking magical, ok. How do these even have the texture that they have?! It’s like a mixture between a cream, and a powder, but also a mouse. Does that make sense?


I got 4 eyeshadows, a highlight, and 4 liquid lipsticks.

The highlight (very top one) is in ‘Lunch Money’, the 4 shadows are (top to bottom) Bae, I ❤ This, Shameless, and Mittens. The lipsticks (L-R) are Midi, Shimmy, Clueless, and Scrooge.

I will be wearing these this week to try and get a good feel for the products, and then I’ll post pictures and watches and a little review of what I think.

My first impressions are pretty good! I’m still figuring out how to use the eyeshadows and highlight. I need to play with the texture a little bit and get used to it I think. I tried using a brush, and it didn’t work great, so I used my fingers. I managed a cute sparkly warm eye look for half of the day. I didn’t wear a primer (Just some concealer) and they haven’t creased surprisingly.

I wore one of the liquid lipsticks this afternoon, Midi, and boy did it stay on! They’re a tough drying on the lips when they fully dry down, but I didn’t mind it. I could lick my lips, eat, drink, whatever, without worry or having chapped lips.

Midi and Shimmy are very close to each other, which looking at swatches I didn’t really realize at first. I like Midi a lot more than Shimmy, even though they’re so similar. Midi is slightly more beige toned, and Shimmy is slightly more lavender pink toned, which looks a little grey with my skin tone.

More thoughts this week once I play around with them a little more!


2 thoughts on “Colourpop Magic

  1. I’ve been contemplating on getting their lippie sticks and liquid lipsticks for so long! I’ve read so many good reviews I’m not sure why I haven’t. I was just wondering what the application of the liquid lipsticks is like?


    • The lipsticks have a doe-foot applicator, like most other liquid lipsticks. The formula is a little thin, it’s quite watery but it applies opaque. There’s enough on the wand to fill in the lips (in my opinion).
      I haven’t tried their lippie sticks, but my friend has a couple and she loves them! I’ll be getting them next! 🙂


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