New York New York!

Hey again!
I feel HORRIBLE that I’ve been away so long. I went out of the country (NEW YORK!!!!) And since I got back I’ve been working and just haven’t uploaded anything!

It’s like a welcome back.

SO! New York! Manhattan to be more specific. IMG_0220

View form the Staten Island Ferry


View from the “top of the Rock”. Gorgeous!!

It. Is. BEAUTIFUL. I have to go back. I love it. Oh god.

I got pants that actually fit me! Long story short, the guy at Macy’s (9 stories!!!!) said he only sells 34 inseam to supermodels so I’d only need a 32. Uh.. NO! I got 3 pairs of 34 length and they fit me perfectly. In fact, a 35 would have been better, but I am not complaining! They fit! horray!
I also got some dresses for work (of course no pictures), some mitts for my stocking, and a MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural Powder!

Can I go back now please?


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