Horror Movie Magic

Something exciting happened this week!

I was asked to do the bruising makeup for the 48 hr Horror Challenge! Yay!
It’s kind of a movie challenge that small film makers here in town participate in. I don’t know if it’s a big thing, or if other people do it, but they do it here and it’s won by audience votes during the airing! (Wednesday night!)

The guy in charge, Mike, asked me to do the FX because he’d seen my youtube videos (we grew up in the same town) and saw that I can do bruising pretty well.

So I did!

I did 4 people’s makeup, but they only ended up using one of them for the actual film. No big deal, I still got to help!

Here’s some pictures of the makeup I did.

We had these really cool tattoo’s that looked really great! I didn’t think they were enough for “got bludgeoned by a baseball bat” so I added colour to all of them and made it look more realistic.

IMG_0211  IMG_0214 IMG_0216

This was the main character. They didn’t use the other 3 after. For him we had 3D tattoo effects that were all flesh coloured to look like they were raised and cut a little. So I coloured them in and added some blood around.


The lighting in the room wasn’t great, and these pictures suck so hard haha but it’s a good example of what I did for the film.

Who knows! Career in Special Effects Makeup someday? Maybe someday I’ll be as good as Glam & Gore!


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