Faun Makeup look!

As Halloween draws closer, most and more people are putting up Halloween tutorials and ideas.

I will actually be missing Halloween this year, because I’m going to NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m so excited. My mom is taking me and my sister to NY for a few days to see the city!
It’s bittersweet because I love Halloween, but it’s freakin New York!! I get a Halloween every year! How often does one go to NY?! Exactly!

faun thumbnail

SO I decided to go a little more cutesy with this look. I know the Faun/deer look is really popular this year, I’m not sure why, but it’s an incredibly easy look that is actually really complimenting to the face, and is really cute in person.

If you don’t know what kind of costume to pair this with, try something like a flowy neutral top or skirt, like beige or white, or dress up how you’d think an extreme daisy/hippy would look (Not 70’s hippy, like 2000’s hippy… Flowy clothes, neutrals).
Curl or wave and tease your hair, get some twigs from outside and tie them into your hair with some ribbons and you’re a wood nymph/Faun!


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