Let’s talk about Nailpolish

Can we just talk about nail polish for a little bit?

I ‘Might’ have a problem.


First of all, if you’re wondering where I got my shelf… Well, I made it. I did SO much research online, and everything was super expensive, and being a student at the time (With leftover Foam core from art school) I finally went to work.
This is NOT my video. But it is the video I followed to make my very own shelf! πŸ™‚

Now.. A lot of youtubers and beauty bloggers actually hang theirs up. I don’t. I’m way too paranoid and anal to have all those nailpolishes suspended on a wall with just some sticky tabs (Or screws, whatever) and only some foam protecting them from certain demise.

Like my friend Ashley’s did:

ALSO, if you’re going to make one, add a safe-guard/rail to yours, like I did so that polishes don’t slide out like in Ashley’s video… haha! (Also makes moving/transfer a breeze because you can just grab the whole shelf and put it behind a seat in a car or somewhere safer and go!)


Here is a more recent picture of my nail polish collection. It grows so much without me even trying. The GOOD this is, is that I have so many amazing shades now, that I don’t really feel the urge to buy more unless it’s a shade that I don’t have, or a replacement to one I use regularly thats gotten goopy or used up. (Like my beloved China Glaze VIII, the perfect dark eggplant that has been used up until it literally can’t be used anymore) Luckily, I always find new and exciting shades to fall in love with.

I can’t really say that I have favourites per time of year because my favs I tend to wear all year round. There are some that I prefer on my toes rather than my fingers, but thats just a personal preference!

Any questions on any colours or names just ask!



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