Thanksgiving and a Wedding

So this weekend past was Thanksgiving! It was also a wedding of a friend of mine, so of course I had to go to that.

I drove home for the weekend, where the wedding was taking place. Also partly so I’d get turkey dinner on Sunday! Yay Turkey day! (Which is actually Monday, but thats a day of driving for me)


This is a quick picture of what my makeup looked like, before I put lipstick on. Sometimes I’m bad at actually documenting what I’m doing, or what I look like for special events. Fancy dress, makeup done, hair simple so I don’t look too fancy.

I got a lot of compliments on my dress.


SO! On to the fun part of the post! Wedding makeup!

Ever since I bought the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette I’ve been obsessed with it. So I brought it along to use for my wedding makeup. It even had a great colour for my eyebrows that I didn’t need to take my usual MAC brow colours with me.


For my face I primed with Smashbox Photofinish primer (not pictured), I got a deluxe sample size of this in an ipsy bag a few months ago so I’m finally using it up to see how I like it.
I then concealed my undereyes with my Sephora Bright Future Gel-Serum Concealer in 04 Buttercream (Light neutral/pink, helps brighten my under-eyes. I use this with a dab of 08 to help it blend into my skin better) I used 08 Palmier on the sides of my nose, chin and any other imperfections or spots I had, and blended it out with my Beauty Blender.

Once that was done I took a small bit Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer in Porcelain and dabbed it on my cheeks and forehead to even things out, I spread it on with my fingers and blended it with my BB.

The UD shadow primer was next, then I used the Chocolate Bar Palette to give myself a slight bronzy smokey look.
I used Creme Brulee on the lid, Milk chocolate and Semi-Sweet in the crease, and Haute chocolate and Triple Fudge in the outer corner and outer half of the lower lash line. White chocolate on the brown bone and Champagne Truffle on the inner corner and inner half of the inner lash line.
It’s a super easy look and it always kicks ass. I then used Benefit They’re Real Mascara to top it off.
I finished my face by adding a light contour with Sephora Collection blush/contour in Tranquil No.26, then highlighted with Smashbox Soft Lights in Shimmer.
Lastly I dusted Benefit’s Hello Flawless Powder Cover-Up in Ivory on my T-zone and under my eyes to set and mattify things for the night. I think it looked lovely!

I opted for a long lasting lipstick that night so I went with Kat Von D’s Studded Lipstick in La Femme. It’s a gorgeous pinky coral colour that lasted all through supper, and several glasses of wine! I may have to get another one of these!

I wore a black dress I got from Eclipse that I get SO many compliments on whenever I wear it!

Spritzed on some Victoria’s Secret Tease perfume (My fav, I worked there for a year, I have a handful of VS perfumes) and went on my way!

Happy Thanksgiving!! I stuffed my face with so much turkey today it wasn’t even funny. Me and dad made apple dumplings for dessert with apples from our very own apple trees!

And here are the picked aforementioned apples, along with some beets and potatoes right out of the ground! (The potatoes were rinsed off in the grass with the hose so they aren’t super dirty)

Also, pumpkin pie isn’t something we’ve ever made in my family.
So screw Pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice, I’ll stick with apple dumplings!


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