Origins Masks

I have three Origins Masks and I have to say… I freaking love these.

I have the Charcoal “Clear Improvements” mask (Black/grey), the Drink-Up Intensive mask (Green bottle), and the Original Skin Retexturizing Mask (Pink, pictured with Laneige).

I’m not the best at applying masks, I just use my fingers and sort of mush it around, so it’s rarely perfectly even or pretty to look at! Hah!



I really do quite like this new Original Skin mask. It doesn’t dry out my skin, but also helps with any little imperfections I might be dealing with.

I have been waiting forever for this mask. It’s been online for months but our store never got it until recently. So on my last trip, as soon as I walked in I saw it and picked it up. I also headed straight for the Laneige section because I had seen it online and picked up a BB cushion that I posted about a few days ago. (BTW, totally still in love. 100%)


This is the Charcoal Clear Improvements mask. I went to a wedding yesterday, and so I did this mask thursday night while I was getting things ready to drive home for thanksgiving and the wedding on friday night.

The Drink-up Mask is clear. I know some people who love the smell of it, but I don’t particularly love it. It’s kind of like apricot mixed with mango, but I don’t think it’s the greatest combination. But it works for a mask!
You only need a TINY bit of the moisturizing mask in comparison to the other ones. I find I need quite a bit of the charcoal mask to cover my face, but the tube is pretty big so you’re good. If you have crazy dry skin you could probably slather this on for a few hours/minutes and wipe off the excess to prep for an event or something fun like that.

I don’t really put the charcoal one on evenly. I put it on thick around my nose and my chin, and on my cheeks if I’m having trouble with red marks, and just smear the leftover on my forehead to take care of any pimples that might be brewing.
The charcoal picture is from thursday night running around my house doing random things looking a little like crap! Ha Ha!

I’m looking at getting the GinZing mask. I love the way it smells and I’m intrigued by the jelly-like texture.

There’s just something about Origins that I love. I think they make great masks that aren’t crazy expensive but that also work great. All these masks are $30 CAD.

Keep in mind, I have dry and sensitive skin so these might not work great for you if you have oily skin. A girl I know doesn’t like the Charcoal Mask because she’s got super oily and acne prone skin, and it isn’t Oomphy enough for her. So if you have skin that’s on the drier side of “normal” or just want something that isn’t too harsh, give the charcoal mask a shot. If you want a general mask for everything try the Original skin one. Don’t forget to follow these up with a good moisturizer!


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