Screwed by Sephora

So, I don’t want to sound like a downer….

But Sephora is totally screwing with me.

I love Sephora. I flipping. Love it. Prior to the local store opening, I’d surf their website daydreaming of all the things I’d buy, because I was too chicken to actually buy anything online. (I stuck to MAC online because I knew the brand, and brands offered at Shoppers Drug Mart)

Here’s where things got screwed up…

When the store opened, I signed up for a Beauty Insider sephora card thing, whatever it’s called. I used the same email as my online account because since I’d never ordered anything I didn’t know how it all worked. (And I made the account in… 2009 or earlier and never used it. I hadn’t even surfed the site in years and forgot all about having made an account.)

The email I gave them was “rejected” because of my “online” account, which the workers never told me even after being there multiple times.
About 600$ later, and still no VIB status, and no help from the In-store staff, I emailed Customer Service (And called, it’s been a long process) and they joined my accounts together.

I still didn’t have VIB status. I asked why not and the girl at the register just looked at me blankly and said “Oh, it says you opted out”. Really? You think I’d opt out of something that may benefit me when I spend money at your company? Uhm.. No. Apparently my email address in their system was “”. Cool…. So their computer system isn’t advanced enough to recognize that there’s already an account somewhere. The staff never once mentioned this to me, until I asked why I wasn’t getting VIB even after spending 600$ in store.

So, to show you how frustrating this is for me.. The store has only been open since July 23rd. It’s currently October 3rd. So in the span of just over 2 months I’ve spent roughly 800$ at the store. Yes I’m aware, It’s a little ridiculous, but I don’t care, it makes me happy. So it isn’t like it’s been over the span of a year. It’s recent.

When I finally got VIB status, (Which I had to wait several weeks for it to be approved…) I had about… 680 points. I hadn’t spent any points before, and again I had only ever purchased anything starting on July 23rd. So 700 an still no VIB status, is kind of frustrating because I could of had it twice by then. I was also frustrated because I had spent double that the status is required. (I would have spent it anyways, that isn’t the point)

Now, I have 841 points currently.. Still haven’t spent any points (I never love any of the rewards…) and am one trip away from Rightfully having VIB Rouge. But will I get it? I highly doubt it. Not without a fight.

First off… No where on the site tells you how much you need to spend to get to the next stage. Which is really annoying.

Second. Today I got an email saying that I was 61$ away from renewing my VIB status for 2016. What does that even mean?! I literally JUST got my VIB status, and now I’m about to lose it? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

The funny thing is, is that I still have all of my receipts from all my purchases. So I can scan them and send them to the company, which I will probably have to do once I hit a 1000.

This is the most annoying and confusing program. I get that the points system is just a perk, but if I’m going to be spending money at your establishment, I do expect it to work properly and for the staff to actually try and assist me instead of brushing it off like they can’t help.

All I want is for my account to accurately show what I’ve spent, and my rightful status updates as they happen without having to constantly contact customer service.

I’m so frustrated about it, but also desperately wanting to constantly spend money there.

It’s just like my luck to have things messed up with my account. It really doesn’t even surprise me.

Sigh. And I think I’m doing pretty good. I know a bunch of people who got VIB rouge on opening day. 1000 bucks in one lump. You go girl! I couldn’t afford that. I’d rather buy something there once a week instead of going out for food or going drinking. If I’m gonna blow my money I might as well have something besides a hangover to show for it! 😉


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