Halloween Intro Ft. Skull Makeup

Happy October 1st!

October is my favourite time of year. Month of the year I should say. It starts cooling off and you can wear sweaters and hide all your lumpy bits from the world for another 6 months, and you get to dress up however you want for a night!
Ah, it’s like Christmas.

Odd analogy.

Anyways I filmed another theatrical makeup tutorial!

It was more so inspired by Lady Gaga’s Born this way video with Zombie boy in it, because I’ve been thinking of going as the skull with a suit on thing for halloween (for a female joker? Not sure yet….Too many ideas!)

So I figured I’d try this diddy out and see how it went. It turned out pretty cool and it’s quite basic!
I didn’t want to go too far in with detailing like some people do, because A) It takes a lot longer, and B) a lot of people if they actually want to try it, probably aren’t going to do every little crack and shadow in a skull, they want something that looks impressive, but that is also simple to do.


Before the video, here is a picture of what it looks like! It isn’t perfect, as it was my first time doing it. If I had practiced first then maybe things would have gone a little smoother, but who cares! Still fun!

I’m very excited to share this, and I can’t wait to film more. Surprisingly it’s actually incredibly fun to do!


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