Laneige BB cushion

I bought this product yesterday, I’ve only used it once (today, and to school!) and I LOVE it.

It is beautiful.


First off, the packaging is lovely. It’s shiny and firm and doesn’t feel cheap in the slightest. (It shouldn’t considering it was like 50 bucks) And please excuse the hair on the cushion.. I didn’t notice it until after and it is driving me insane…

Second, it smells SO GOOD. It definitely has a fragrance, so if you’re overly sensitive maybe do a patch test or find a similar product with no fragrance.



Third, I love the cushion puff that comes with it. It’s oddly rubbery but soft and spongy and feels so luxurious on the skin.

I wasn’t sure how this would apply, and it was fantastic. You basically take the puff and push it into the “cushion” sponge that houses the BB cream. It’s like a really light, sheer foundation, but it does feel very hydrating. It covered most of the redness on my face, I only had to put a small dot of concealer around my nose and under my eyes. It was great!

Can I tell you how much I like the smell again? It’s kind of like… Really fancy old lady perfume. Hahaha. I think I’m a little weird with that.

This lasted ALL DAY. I got the shade Light. Like.. It’s still on my face and it’s been like 12 hours. No pimples either. I did get a little shiny right on the front of my cheeks on the sides of my nose, (you know where your pores are giant) but it isn’t even bad. It just looks like my skin but better. Awesome!

Holy shit, this had SPF 50 too! WHAT! I just looked it up because I didn’t know the details about it.

It also didn’t stick to the dry patches on my face. Normally I get some dry skin flakes but not with this! Cool!

I am a ‘little’ worried about this “Melacrusher” thing though, I don’t want it to fade any of my freckles, and I’m not particularly worried about “age spots” because I don’t have any acne spots, but I do want to even the skin-tone around the freckles…

The package comes with a second refill, so you’re actually getting two foundations! Woo! Thats exciting right?


Still blown away about the SPF 50. That’s gonna be so great during the winter. Oh man.

On a last note it doesn’t feel sticky like some BB creams do. With such dry skin, I find that most BB creams are very dry and sticky when you put them on. They don’t spread well. (Clinique and Smashbox BB/CC creams come to mind) But this, with the specific applicator goes on like a dream. No stick, no mess. It blends beautifully. It’s lovely.


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