Giraffe Pants Party

A few weeks ago I ripped my jeans, right in the crotch.


Did I mention that these are were my favourite jeans?

Silver Jeans Co. Mckenzie style. Low rise slim boot cut, I mean really low rise, like 90’s low rise. But perfect for my body. Long enough, a gorgeous 34 length which is nearly impossible to find with today’s “high waisted, rolled up” jean style that I loathe.

So every time I go jeans shopping, it’s nearly impossible to find pants that look good, fix good, and are long enough.

I’m a freakin giraffe.

I caved today and bought 2 pairs of pants at American Eagle. Both skinny, elastic pants. “Long” length that hits me about an inch above my ankle. I’ll have to wear boots with them because my chucks will look ridiculous unless I “roll” up the ends… I’m really not good at dressing myself. Ironically I can dress other people amazingly. Weird right?

I mainly bought them because I wanted a pair of black pants to wear to work that weren’t “jeans”, and that didn’t fall down in the crotch after 2 hours. Hopefully these don’t do that. It was also buy one get one 50% off, and I wanted to take advantage of that deal. So I got a pair of “jeans jeans” similar to the black ones. They look good, but again they hit above the ankle.

I spent several hours in bootlegger trying on silver jeans because they’re pretty much my fav jeans brand. (Yes, I have a few others, I just don’t love them).

It took several hours to realize that they only had 33 length which is too short, and 36 length, which is good but looks silly if the pants don’t fit right… Apparently they don’t make actual low rise jeans anymore, because all the “low rise” jeans I tried on came up just under my bellybutton. That’s a mid-rise, or high-rise. Not a low rise. Come on!

Do they make jeans that fit tall people anymore?


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