My Fav comic books: Non-Superhero Edition

I love comic books.

I started reading comics in about 2012, before that I didn’t really have access to comic books (besides the occasional Batman comic, I read The Long Halloween as a teenager) and so I stuck with novels.
Once introduced to the world of comics I quickly sprouted.

Locke & Key – IDW

You’re probably thinking “I’ve never heard of that, when are you going to get to the superheros?” They’re coming… Just give the other guys a chance first.

Locke & Key is a a gory (but short) little story taking place in a place called Lovecraft. It’s… In a nutshell there’s a group of kids that find these magic Keys in this house and some pretty bad stuff happens. There’s a bad guy, there’s lots of blood, and the art is fantastic. If you want to know more about it, pick up the first trade, or just google the plot to see if you’ll like it. I love it. I even have the card game…

Chew – Image

I’ve mentioned chew before in another post. If you like funny, murders and solving them, then you’ll like this.
Overview: When Tony eats something, he see’s where it’s been (Except for beets… Don’t ask.), where it was grown, was pesticides they used, slaughter etc. In terms of people if he eats their blood or part of their bodies he can see where the’ve been, who they interacted with, or who happened to kill them. Solving murders for the FDA anyone? There’s a killer chicken if you’re into that.

Saga – Image
Saga is a love story between two aliens and their fight to keep their family together. It sounds…. Really lame, but it isn’t. It’s got great art, a cute story line, and a surprising amount of action.

I, Vampire. – DC
I love vampires. My love stems from primary school or before, I don’t know. I loved Buffy as a kid, I own all the Dracula movies (Including the 1922 black and white, silent film Nosferatu. Though the version I have has Type O Negative playing a soundtrack.) so this isn’t some lame “Twilight” obsession like most people. (Don’t get me wrong, I like Twilight, but not because of its (really shitty) vampires. But that is a different rant all together…)
Another short story, only lasting 3 trades.. Basically.. Vampire turns his love into a vampire, she goes batshit (haha, pardon the pun!!) and wants to take over the world. Love, violence, killing, blood. My kind of book.

Quantum and Woody – Valiant
These guys are hilarious. It’s a pair of regular guys that got super powers and they’re kind of idiots about it. Picture you suddenly being able to shoot lazers from your hands without realizing it and randomly doing it in public.

Fables – Vertigo
I won’t like, this isn’t really a “Fav”. I’ve read so much of it now that it’s sort of become a habit. This is what “typical” workers or people usually “suggest” that “girls” read when starting up with comic books… Now it’s not bad! It’s just very light hearted. I know a lot of people that LOVE this series, and I like it, I’m just not in love with it.
If you like Once Upon A Time the tv show then you’ll like this book. Based on a similar premise that fairy tale characters live in our world. Except in the comic they know who they are and they’re here to escape the war that’s happening in their world.

American Vampire – Vertigo
I’ve only read a few of these but I do really like them. Each book is sort of based out of a different Era. It’s an interesting story about vampires, so if that’s what you’re into, check out this Western-ish vampire book.

Those are my big few right now. I could go on and on, because really the only comic I’ve read that I didn’t like was ‘Y the Last Man’, and I’m like the only one I know who didn’t like it. Just couldn’t get into it.

Superhero edition will be coming soon, I just wanted to give the little guys a chance because I love them so so much. Superhero’s are great and all, but sometimes you need a break from justice.


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