Nude ‘Tude

I’m a person that usually wears either a lip balm or a colourful/dark lipstick.

I only bought my first nude lipstick this year. It took me forever to try and find a colour I didn’t hate, and I only just realized lately what kind of colour suits my skin tone. (And even now, I’m still iffy)

This one is a Stila limited edition Nude Interlude Colour Balm lipstick (~$30 CAD) in the colour Sophie. It’s the “medium” skin tone shade, but it’s pretty light… The “light” skin tone one made me look weird. I don’t think these are available anymore, but I’m not sure. I think you can find them at some Shopper’s Drug Mart stores since they most likely still have them in stock.


My second nude lipstick I got only a few weeks ago, again at shoppers.

This one is an Urban Decay Revolutionary Lipstick in the shade Liar. It’s still a little dark on me, so I don’t like to put it on fully opaque. I put it on the bottom lip, and just mush my lips together to transfer the colour and I blend it around with my finger. It’s almost my perfect “my lips but better” kind of lipstick.

I also got the lipliner in Naked, which is exactly my lip colour when they have full colour. It’s great! Though the lipliners are a little weird, they’re a little drying and kind of waxy, but they last quite a while!

The clear colour, Ozone, will make any lipstick last forever. It’s so awesome!

Please excuse the chipped nail polish. Not sorry for wearing shorts or the picture in my car. Haha
(This nail polish colour is Peach Daiquiri by Essie)

The Liar lipliner didn’t match the lipstick, just like the Naked lipstick didn’t match the naked lipliner.ย A little weird in my opinion..

My next liner will probably be a red or something reeeeally dark. I have a red lipliner now, it’s a Rimmel 1000 kisses red lipliner and it lasts sooo long! I kind of like it the best out of all my lipliners because it fills in my lips without leaving that waxy feeling. You know?

I have yet to find a lipstick or liner that will last through a serving of Peanut Butter and Jelly Chicken wings at one of the local pubs. Someday. Or, you know, I could just re-apply.


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