Cranky day “haul”

Sometimes retail therapy really does help.
Went to the mall to get a hot dog the other day, and before getting said desired mid-menstrual hotdog (Girls have periods, get over it.) I hit up my beloved Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, and Boathouse.

I was so cranky. Like unimaginable cranky. And I wanted a hot dog. So on the way to the food court I had to pee… I wasn’t going to pee in the regular mall bathrooms because, well… Ew. So I headed to VS to use the bathroom there (I worked there for a year, I’ll write about that later), bought 2 sweaters, one on sale and chatted with some friends from when I worked there.

IMG_1758 2

Left VS, headed to the food court… New store called Boathouse just opened. It’s like… Lumberjack hipster chic. They had the black converse I’ve been wanting that I couldn’t find at several other stores so I stopped in and picked them up. I asked the scene’ teenage boy in the shoe section for a 6.5 and handed him the mens converse shoe. He came back with a woman’s 6.5….. I had to tell him that I wanted a mens 6.5 which is a women’s 8.5. Do I look like I take a size 6 shoe size? Dude. I’m 5’10. Come on. Got 10% off for leaving my email, so THAT was pretty cool. $61 for a pair of converse. I’m happy with that!!


Finally got my hot dog, and a bowl of fries and gravy. By this point my horribly cranky mood has turned around and I’m finally cheerful again. It’s 4:50 and stores close at 5 because it’s a sunday. So I run down to Sephora to grab the 2 things I want and they don’t have one of them. (Origins Drink it up overnight mask, cuz I got crazy dry skin… And their rose clay mask which isn’t in our store yet) I end up picking up a few items in the “on the fly” section because I’m a horrible person. (glamglow Tinglexfoliate mini, thirstymud cleanser mini, and the rose & lotus sheet masks)
I try and get my beauty insider mess fixed, and they can’t help me.. As usual. So I have to make more phone calls later the week. I’ll be posting about my disaster with my Beauty Insider very soon.. Or when they get it figured out!!


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