Lip stuff.

I’m obsessed with lip balm. I mean, who isn’t really?

It’s so addicting just putting that smoothy waxy layer of hydration over your lips, especially when they’re dry or chapped. It just feels So. Good.

I have naturally very pale lips. Like when I get sick it looks like I have no lips because they just go white. So tinted lip balm totally saves me from looking like an alien on no-lipstick days.

My fav is Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm (~$7 CAD {or cheaper on sale} at any drugstore, grocery store, walmart, you take your pick). My fav shade is Pink Blossom because it looks super natural on me. I also have Rose, which is deeper and redder, much nicer in the summer. Less nice in the winter on my un-tanned pastey skin.

A much more expensive-but-luxe version of tinted lip-balm would be Sugar by Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment. These puppies are going to run you a pretty $30 CAD (before tax..)…….. But they do smell great and feel lovely. But 30 bucks for a lip balm? You know I bought one when Sephora opened… (Pretty sure you can only buy them at Sephora, or online) It was literally my first purchase. I picked up the prettiest pink colour I could find (Tulip) and was screaming with joy on the inside. I don’t regret it, but it doesn’t leave my makeup table. Not yet at least. I’ve only worn it a handful of times, patiently waiting until my Burt’s Bees pink runs out to replace it with this. Plus it feels like it would do a better job for winter.

IMG_1733 copy

My lip emergency balm is a waxy pot that smells glorious. Tokyomilk Dark pot lipbalm in Absynthe. ~$8 CAD, more or less expensive at different stores. I bought this one at a local store downtown last year. I think it was 9$ (Sephora lists it as 8$ on their website) and I totally love it.

Anytime my lips get super dry or chapped or unruly I slap this baby on and in no time my lips are back to normal. The ingredients are great. Plus the Absynthe smell is so good.

If you’re looking to blow some dough on lip balms:
Nuxe has a Honey one in a pot (Reve de Miel) that will set you back $20 CAD that you can get at Shoppers Drug Mart. Shoppers also has a bunch of other great options from Avene, La-Roche Posay, any high end brand really.

For those of you that don’t want to spend 20 bucks on something you slather on your lips thirty times a day…. :
Blistex makes some killer lip products that are all under 5 bucks. EOS is also a delicious brand that’ll run you about 4 bucks at a drugstore for one of their ball shapes balms in heavenly scents.
You could always go with classic Vaselline (Caroline Hirons would die if you use Vaselline) but I find it does a fantastic job at moisturizing my lips overnight.

Another great slightly tinted version could be Maybelline Baby lips! Super cheap, available literally everywhere, and it comes in a bunch of cute and super-sheer shades.

I have a few I use that I got from my ipsy bag, but they aren’t really worth sharing.

My HG’s are Vaselline, Blistex, EOS, and Burt’s Bees. The other’s are just… closer to reach and do an adequate job. (Lazy girl)


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