Bad horror movie night, and ripped jeans.

Last night my best friend hosted “bad horror movie night”. We watched Sleepaway Camp from 1983, which is hilarious and horrible. There were snacks and of course drinks.

For those people who think that being healthy and being strict means you don’t get to ever indulge, I call BS.

It’s good to take a night off! Have a glass of wine and some popcorn. Relax a little! Plus look how hilarious her dog looks. IMG_0075

In other news…. I ripped my favourite jeans. My first pair of Silver jeans that my mom bought me when I was in Art school. (I wore them for a semester, didn’t want to get paint on them and didn’t love how they fit so they went in the cupboard. Plus I was a little pudgy and they only fit when I lose weight in my 4th year. Then when I graduated I gained like… 30 lbs and never wore them… But when I lost 35lbs and started Roller Derby and going to the gym, they became my favourite jeans and made my butt look Amazing.
Then the other day I put them on to go to work, sat on my bed to finish painting my toenails (Cuz thats what I do) and ripped the crotch right out of them when I lifted my leg to reach my toes. *Cry*


TRAGIC RIGHT!?!?! My beautiful Mckenzie jeans… And you know what? On their website.. They only have 4 pairs of jeans that come in a 34+ inseam! I’m too tall for normal people inseams!!!

I posted that picture to Instagram with the #silverjeans hashtag… THEY COMMENTED. I feel so special. I think I squeed a little on the inside. It’s like that time that Laura Evarts from The Skinny Confidential commented and liked one of my posts that I tagged TSC in. โค I flipping love her site.


That was pretty exciting.

Not looking forward to going jeans shopping… It’s hard finding pants to fit my body.


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