The Day Sephora Opened

I’ve never been to a Sephora until July 23rd. Of this year.


And it was So. Exiting. This is the lineup to get in the day of the opening on July 24th. I got in on the 23rd because I know everyone who works at the mall and got a early pass!

Until then… I’d find other places to get the beauty products I wanted or needed. Shoppers Drug Mart is a fantastic place for finding makeup and skin care products. Since there isn’t really anywhere else to buy products besides, besides Walmart and the internet.

This is my predicament where I live anyways, because I live on an island. In Canada.

Beauty bloggers usually live in big places. Generally the USA, I feel like everyone online lives in New York, or LA, or California.

That isn’t the case here. Welcome to my beautiful frozen little world.

Where the most expensive brands aren’t available, and if you have them they probably came from the internet.
And now that Sephora is open… I’ve spent way too much money there for it being open only a month. (And they’ve managed to screw up my VIB account and now I have to call the company to get it straightened out.. UGH.. I mean.. Who opts out of VIB status?!?! No. I didn’t.)

Most bloggers are talking about how Fall is finally in the air and the cool weather is coming and the “last summer days” are for enjoying. Well not here. Summer started in August, like mid-august. Spring was from May till Aug. Summer lasted about 2 weeks. It’s still relatively warm, but not warm enough for shorts and a tank top. More like jeans and a tee.

Sadly, fall IS on the way… And Summer is on the outs. I’m not ready for it, but I will have to embrace the warm colours, grey colour palettes, leggings and everything pumpkin.


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