My liquid liner picks + one regret.

I love a good cat eye.

I’m pro at getting both wings the same, and I always get comments on my makeup when I do winged liner, liquid, gel or pencil.

Today I just want to talk about liquid and gel.

IMG_1694 2

My first gel eyeliner was an Avon one my mom bought me. I tried it out, and kept it around. I never really got the hang of it… When I was in University I got to visit a MAC store in person for the second time in my life (you can’t believe how excited I was, I swear I went every weekend to shop) and I bought MAC’s Fluidline in Blacktrack. I bought an angled brush to go with it, but when I got home and tried it out the brush was way too big for my eye, and it didn’t allow me to control the liner how I wanted to. Months later I invested in another brush. The MAC 210 brush and my eyeliner skills were brought to the next level. Boom.

A few years and a self-taught perfect cat-eye later… I start the search for new things.

For IMG_0071those of you that have tried Benefit’s They’re Real Push-Up Liner and love it, props to you. The day I brought it home I did a perfect winged liner with it, it lasted all day, and I haven’t been able to re-create it since.

I hate the applicator tip. And the formula.

I really really wanted to love this. Like… I tried so many times. So many eye looks ruined… So many days with liner all over the back of my hand. Trying to get it to go on smoothly!
The problem with this liner is that is crumbles and flakes.
No matter how many times I apply it, it always flakes off… Unless it’s on my hand….

My trusty Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is the love of my life. I think I just need a brush applicator! (4 years of art school anyone?) It lasts all day and it doesn’t flake off. Finishes to a slight sheen but I don’t even care. Brilliant. ❤

A close second, is definitely my Elizabeth Mott “You’re so Fine” Waterproof liquid eyeliner” in glitterati. I got it in an ipsy bag months ago, and I’ve used it so many times I don’t think it’s got many uses left. It’s starting to dry out and clump up. I love it. Love love love it. Stays all day, doesn’t flake. Easy to apply. Plus.. Sparkles!! The finish it matter than the UD liquid liner, but more satin than the super-matte Benefit push-up.

The Raved about Stila eyeliner pen is on my list, but I don’t love pen eyeliners. I’ve used the Stila pen (A great product, I swear, I love everything Stila, but I don’t like pen applicators!) as well as its drugstore counterpart the Maybelline liquid eyeliner pen. The maybelline one is NOT waterproof… or smudgeproof.. or finger proof.. It will come off easily. Be warned.

My bff likes the Maybelline pot gel liner, but I haven’t tried it so I think I might have to get on that.


First line is one swipe with the brush/applicator, second line is layered multiple times.

From left to right: Benefit Push-up Black, Elizabeth Mott liquid Glitterati, Urban Decay liquid Perversion, MAC Fluidline Blacktrack


After rubbing my hand a few times with a makeup wipe.


After scrubbing my hand with a makeup wipe. Took extra grease power to get the benefit off my hand.

The Benefit liner may last through an apocalypse, but trying to get it on smooth and perfect is a challenge, for me at least. Which surprises me because I really do love Benefit products!
Sticking to my other 3 choices!


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