The other day I had my first Facial ever! Please refrain from the dirty comments. I get it. Facial, it’s hilarious. My friend already made that joke a million times.

It was interesting!

I felt so weird going to a Spa. Here I am, 26 years old, in jeans and a black v-neck tee in old-as-f converse, going to get a massage and a facial. I feel like spas are meant for women in their 40’s or older, or for young people to get manicures done for weddings. At least my toenail polish was on point.
Now however, I’m a converted woman.
When I arrived at the spa a man promptly took my shoes and asked what size I took. He then handed me a pair of slightly wedged all-plastic flip flops and led me upstairs. At the top of the stairs a woman brought me to the women’s change room where she gave me a robe and told me to take all my clothes off except my underwear, and to put on the robe.

I went out into the hallway in my robe and plastic shoes and felt really out of place. I hate bath robes.

I had a massage first so I went and had that done. BTW, a head cold and a massage isn’t a good mix. Face down on a table for an hour made my nose even runnier and had to ask for a tissue multiple times.

Anyways. After that I waited in a waiting room with some lemon water until my facialist Carrie greeted me and introduced herself.

She was super nice! And explained things to me as we went along. I lip face up on a bed and she wrapped up my feet and my arms in the bedding. She turned the heat on in the table so I’d be nice and toasty and then she went to work.

She got me to chose from 3 different scents first. I chose the Peppermint because it was really the only one I could smell, plus it smelled kind of sweet and the other two were a little too floral for me.

She started by cleansing my face with an oil. She cleansed my shoulders and neck too. It was quite luxurious.

IMG_0027She did a few things, I was totally into the moment so I don’t remember exactly the order of things. She did an exfoliating mask on me, while that was drying she gave me a foot massage (which was amaaaazing) then wrapped my feet up again after putting a hot cloth over them to warm them up. (I have notoriously freezing feet, just Call me Elsa)

She checked my skin underneath a very bright light (she put an eye guard on so I wouldn’t be blinded) and she said that I had no blackheads on my nose and no broken capillaries (I thought I had minor versions of both, but I’m not a pro so I’m going to take her advice!) which she said I was very lucky!

I also have sensitive skin, which I didn’t realize, and slightly dry which I’ve known my whole life. (Due to my city’s climate, everyone has dry skin)IMG_0028

She did a gel moisturizing mask and gave me a wonderful scalp massage (which greased up my yesterday’s salon visit, but I ain’t mad, I went to the beach after wards!). Then she applied a radiance serum, a brightening eye cream (which I may have to buy when my Clinique pot is gone because my dark circles I swear weren’t as dark) and two moisturizers mixed together. The regular and the intense, to make it a little better for my skin.

After my skin was positively GLOWING. Like.. I had the nicest flippin skin ever.


Also because of the food massage, my feet have been silky smooth all day (I noticed at the beach) and even my chest is glowy.

10 hours later, after sunscreen, makeup, sunshine and sweat… I have a few dry spots on my eyelids and my temples, a few red patches, and a couple of pimples rearing their heads (one has been on the rise for several days so not blaming the facial, the others are minor bumps, probably due to my sensitive skin, and the pimple-like rosacea my skin likes to throw at me)


It was my first facial and I’m definitely going to do it again.

Next spa day, Pedi, croissant, and Facial. 160x160x7-smiling-face-with-heart-shaped-eyes.png.pagespeed.ic.On6Pm-wTdv


The next day, my skin was OK, but not glowing anymore. A few pimples were breaking the skin and I had a few dry patches. Now a few days later.. I have a patch of burnt dry skin on my neck (could be from before the facial and that exasperated it) and a few sore red spots around my face, as well as a couple dry patches around my temples. Last night I put on my Lancome moisturizer and some Seabuckthorn body salve that my mom gave me a while ago (Made on the island where I live) and that seemed to take things down drastically.

The seabuckthorn salve is a saviour for my skin. It’s basically a mix of olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, aloe, seabuckthorn (obv), shea butter, and a few more oils and butters. It’s very rich and you only need a tiny amount to cover a large area. It’s taken my neck patch from looking like I got hit by a baseball in the throat, to it being slightly red and slightly dry, all overnight. Which my Cicaplast (La-Roche Posay) couldn’t do in the constant application since my facial.

(Pictures: Radiant Skin Refiner scrub mask, Gel Hydrating Mask, Radiance fluid serum)

IMG_0031IMG_0030 Glowing skin!


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