Insta party

So easter holidays were awesome. I took the week off, hung out with my boyfriend and my bff, did some shopping, slept in lots, ate a lot. Haha. It was fun!

Now back to reality. I’ve been back to a week and a half now and I just couldn’t bring myself to do a post. I got a bunch of new cute stuff, and have been doing killer makeup for work, but I’ve been so tired the last week that I’ve lost a bit of motivation!

SO! For anyone who doesn’t follow me on instagram.. I’ve been doing a bunch of micro-blogging! It’s starting to feel like something I can totally commit to, and I feel like I’m not horrible at it. (like regular blogging, we all know I suck at this lol)

Please go follow my instagram for more frequent mini-posts!

Rock Candy

I got the Kat Von D Rock Candy mini lipstick set! I was drooling over this for weeks when I heard of it, and so when it was released (early!!) I spent 2 days debating whether or not I should … Continue reading

Me and Dairy Free

As a warning, I talk about some less-than pleasant things here. I’ve noticed that in today’s society, cutting out a whole food group is really, REALLY popular to do. So many people go “gluten free” because “it really makes me … Continue reading

Rainy Day Wants

Lately I’ve had a few snow days at work. Today is more like a freezing rain day, because it’s been pouring freezing rain all afternoon. I’ve been pining over so many things lately! I just can’t seem to commit to … Continue reading